1. A reservation receipt is drawn up with every reservation. When transferring the first deposit, the tenant automatically accepts our General Terms and Conditions in full.
  2. The location is intended for short-term stays/holidays for private use and without professional purposes. For this reason, we do not issue a reservation certificate in the name of a company and cannot issue invoices.
  3. Telephone, verbal and written reservations by post and e-mail or social media are final and binding. Reservations are confirmed by Chateau Gouault-Marouteau 1860 by email and accompanied by these GENERAL CONDITIONS.
  4. When transferring the first deposit, the tenant automatically agrees to these GENERAL CONDITIONS.
    Any (international) transfer costs are always borne by the tenant.
  5. After booking you will receive a RESERVATION PROOF for a deposit of 50% of the rental amount. The deposit must be paid within 1 week after receipt of the reservation confirmation. The remaining part of the rental sum must be paid no later than 2 months before the start of the rental period (unless otherwise stated in the reservation receipt). If a reservation is made less than 2 months before the start of the rental period, the full rental amount must be paid immediately.
    We would like to point out that you must take care of your own cancellation insurance in case you are forced to cancel the rental agreement.
    In the event of cancellation, you are obliged to pay the full rental amount, of course excluding additional costs.
  6. Rental prices are exclusive of energy costs and tourist tax and any other service costs unless otherwise agreed in the rental agreement.
  7. The website indicates the maximum number of people who may stay overnight in the Chateau for the rental price offered. This number may not be exceeded without the express permission of the manager. If this is exceeded, the landlord reserves the right to consider the rental agreement as terminated by operation of law and access to the property will be refused without any claim for a refund of the rent. 
    Children (including babies) are counted as persons. For babies there are 3 high chairs, 1 baby cot and 1 travel cot.
  8. If people are accommodated at another location (or in a hotel) who stay at the castle during one public holiday, then € 25 per person per day will be charged for the use of the facilities and the castle (excluding the thermal areas). . The estate can accommodate a maximum of 60 people (for one holiday), including guests staying overnight in the castle.
    For guests who do not spend the night at the castle but are present for more than one day, 1/24 part of the rental price is always charged.
    After consultation, the maximum number of 60 people may be exceeded, but always in accordance with points 5 and/or 6 of these general terms and conditions.
  9. The Chateau must be occupied with due care, taking into account the peace and quiet of the environment. If the tenant does not behave as a good tenant or causes serious nuisance or nuisance to the environment, the landlord reserves the right to consider the rental agreement as terminated by operation of law and access to the property will be refused without any claim for a refund. of the rental amount. In any case, no music may be allowed outside after 10 p.m. without consultation with the manager. The tenant is expected that any audio equipment brought with him or her is not set up in such a way that the local permanent residents can enjoy it. The tenant also passes this on to his fellow tenants.
    The same rules apply when you hire a live band.
  10. If the tenant unexpectedly causes damage to the rented property, inventory and/or garden, this must be reported immediately to the owner. The tenant is liable for damage that occurs during the stay, including damage caused by third parties who are present at the Chateau with the permission or at the request of the tenant. The repair and replacement costs related to damage will be deducted from the deposit or, if this is insufficient, these costs will have to be paid immediately on site. Liability for damage remains if the damage is discovered after departure. The deposit or the remainder thereof will be returned within 14 days after departure.
  11. For a party where there is dancing and/or a DJ is hired, the party tent must be hired (more explanation and prices on request). No parties - with or without a DJ - are allowed in the main building (castle) due to possible damage to the antique floors. 
  12. Smoking is expressly prohibited on upper floors/bedrooms and the sauna and jacuzzi area. It is also prohibited to build an open fire both inside and outside the building, except in the designated fire pits.
  13. The tenant must leave the house broom clean and tidy at the end of the stay. Crockery, cutlery and glasses must be placed clean and back in the cupboards where you found them upon arrival. Moved furniture must be returned to its original location by you. The kitchen must be left tidy and without dirty crockery, cutlery and/or glassware. Trash bins must be emptied and rubbish sorted (according to instructions available in the castle).
    In the castle you will find the points of interest for living in the castle, as well as - to make it easy for you - a checklist for leaving the castle behind upon departure.
    The owner has the right to charge additional costs if the above is not complied with.
  14. Chateau Goualt-Marouteau 1860 is entitled to consider the rental agreement as terminated without court intervention if the tenant does not adhere to the agreed payment terms, the deposit has not been paid and if the tenant does not comply with these rental conditions and/or instructions from the owner. In all these cases, the tenant always owes the agreed rental amount.
  15. In the event of force majeure due to an overbooking, unexpected damage to the castle (such as fire, water damage or other damage that makes the castle (temporarily or permanently) uninhabitable, Chateau Gouault-Marouteau 1860 is entitled to cancel the rental agreement without compensation. Any other damage as a result of the cancellation or change will not be reimbursed by the landlord.
  16. If the tenant has complaints regarding the accommodation, these complaints must be reported no later than 2 hours after acceptance of the accommodation to the owner, who will attempt to resolve the complaints in consultation with the tenant.
  17. Tenants and their guests must at all times follow instructions from the owner and/or manager of the Chateau.
  18. The tenant can use the property on the first day of the rental period from the time indicated in the travel documents, unless expressly agreed otherwise in advance with the owner. Late occupancy or early departure of the home, for whatever reason, cannot lead to a (partial) refund of the rental amount. Arriving earlier or leaving later is often possible for €60.00 per hour.
  19. In principle, pets are NOT ALLOWED in Chateau Gouault-Marouteau 1860. Occasionally - after consultation - an exception can be made (e.g. for guide dogs), pets must always be registered when booking. You will always be charged €30.00 per pet per weekend (€60.00 per week). We assume that the pets have undergone flea treatment and are always kept on a leash outside. Contrary to what is stated in point 10, the tenant must vacuum the ground floor of the castle in such a way that no hair is left behind. Under no circumstances may pets be left alone in the castle to prevent damage to the castle (scratching doors, etc.). Not even at night (unless in a locked crate on the ground floor) because the pets can panic in search of their owner. It goes without saying that pets are not allowed to stay on the sleeping floors and in the thermal rooms. Flea control after your departure will always be charged. If pets are found during your stay that have not been registered, the rental agreement will be terminated immediately without any refund of the rental amount and additional costs.
  20. The thermal areas are always open during the rental period and are intended as a relaxation area. If the thermal areas are not used as such, these areas will be closed off.
    Before using the thermal areas, it is mandatory to carefully read the instructions regarding their use, as well as the use of the jacuzzis.
    You always enter the sauna and jacuzzis at your own risk. Children are not allowed to stay in the thermal areas and/or jacuzzis unaccompanied by an adult. If children are found unsupervised in the sauna and/or jacuzzis, the thermal areas will be closed by the manager for the remainder of your stay.
  21. The playground and trampoline have been set up for the children's entertainment. Adults are not supposed to use the swings, slide, etc. An exception can be made for the trampoline, but always WITHOUT SHOES and 1 adult at a time.
    The trampoline cannot be used in winter.
  22. The landlord accepts no liability for:
  • - theft, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever during or as a result of a stay in the Chateau;
  • - the breakdown or decommissioning of technical equipment in the Chateau, temporary failure or disruptions in and around the Chateau of water and/or energy management, unannounced street closures and construction work around the Chateau;
  • - obvious errors or mistakes on its website or other notices;
  • - accidents in or around the house;
  • - all loss and/or damage to the rented property and the inventory due to actions or omissions of the tenant or third parties who are in the rented property with the tenant's permission;
  • - the incorrect use or incorrect abandonment of the Chateau

23. Deposit weekend or midweek 24 people: 1200 Euro
Deposit week or longer 24 people: 1600 Euro
This must be paid with the first down payment or see point 5 If a reservation is made less than 2 months before the start of the rental period.